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Out-Stream Video Advertising: a Conversation with eMarketer

In eMarketer’s recent report on Out-Stream Video Advertising, DigitasLBi’s Mark Book, VP/Group Content Director, Digitas Studios, shares his thoughts on the topic. Excerpts from the report are below — the full report can be found here, and Mark’s Q&A with eMarketer can be found here. 

Here’s Mark on user experience and interactivity:

“Coming at it from a consumer lens, out-stream allows for a cleaner experience … and it hopefully promotes more storytelling and less direct, interruptive advertising,”

And here’s Mark on the potential of out-stream:

“The success that [content recommendation specialists] Outbrain and Taboola have had in terms of delivering alternative content experiences—things that are similar in article title and article name and driving people who have finished an article to a place—I’m hoping out-stream can do that in a mid-read or post-read environment,” said DigitasLBi’s Book. “It has the potential to be highly viewable and contextually relevant to the article that you’re reading, and that can allow somebody to continue the journey they’re on from whatever subject they’re reading.”

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Mark Book, VP/Group Content Director, Digitas Studios