How Marketers Are Effectively Integrating TV, Digital and In-Store Data

eMarketer just released their Integrating TV, Digital and In-Store Data Report: The Pursuit of a True Omnichannel Audience and found that only 28.2% of UK and US marketers are successfully using customer data to create an omnichannel customer experience.

Our own Andrew Coldberg-Amador joins other industry experts and shares his insights on how companies such as Facebook, Google and even Foursquare are working to more precisely tie audiences to physical locations.

In his Q&A, Andrew speaks on tying together TV, digital and in-store data: “Integrating these three data sources has always been of interest. Most of our clients have been using that data to inform a lot of their planning and marketing optimization. They have always used more of a media mix model type of approach to evaluate TV. But there has always been a desire to apply the user level-based type of attribution to TV, or more digital types of attribution where the model is a lot faster.

Read the full Q&A here.

Andrew Colberg

Andrew Colberg, SVP, Strategy and Analysis