Facebook Advertising Report: 5 Factors That Could Rein In Future Growth

eMarketer just released their 2017 Facebook Advertising Report: 5 Factors That Could Rein In Future Growth and forecasts a 26.5% growth in 2018 —less than half the pace of the 57.4% increase seen in 2016. 

The report discusses the challenges Facebook faces in maintaining revenue growth, now that News Feed ads are five years old. 

Jill Sherman and other industry experts share their personal use of Facebook — with the growing sentiment that news and content seen on Facebook is not viewed as trustworthy. 

Jill says: “On many days, I’ve limited myself to Snapchat and Instagram because they seem like the happy places, and I’ve avoided the Facebook and Twitter feeds because they seem charged. And when the news cycle becomes so important to a social platform’s ability to keep people on the platform, when that news becomes chronically sad or chronically toxic, what needs to change in order for people to want to come back?”  

Another key takeaway: Become storytellers. “Marketers have to rethink the way they advertise across all touchpoints, becoming more storytellers than just advertisers,” said Antonio Sciuto, executive vice president and CMO of Nestlé Waters North America. “If the feed [were to go] away, we would have to reinvent the storytelling approach as part of the overall brand consumer experience.”

This is the 2nd consecutive year the agency, and Jill, have taken part in the report. Read more here

jillshermanhiresJill Sherman, SVP, Social Strategy