DigitasLBi SF Takes a Silver ADDY for PlayStation

San Francisco, CA — March 23, 2017

–DigitasLBi San Francisco was awarded a Silver ADDY for bringing two 8-foot-tall and 13-foot-long animatronic replicas of The Watchers from PlayStation’s Horizon Zero Dawn to life for its launch.

–The two 13-foot-long, 8-foot-tall robotic Watchers first came to life at E3, where they stepped out of the game and onto the show floor, roaming, interacting, and creating live-streamed content. Since then they’ve been spotted at other gaming conventions and cultural moments.

–The Watchers have become content-making machines who have continued to generate interest and gain fame. Most recently the Watchers have been spotted guest-starring on ESPN Sports Center and invading Comedy Central and the life of Chris Destefano.

–The American Advertising Awards is the advertising industry’s largest competition, dedicated to recognizing advertising excellence.

Standing out at gaming conventions, where hundreds of screens full of gameplay are all screaming for your eyeballs, is hard enough. But standing out with a brand-new property in a sea of sequels, reboots and established franchises is a harder challenge altogether. Gaming companies spend billions garnering attention for their games at E3 and beyond — most of it on promotional trailers. To prove that Horizon Zero Dawn was going to deliver, we didn’t want yet another promotional video. We had to instantly immerse our fans in the game’s world. So, we invaded their world with two giant, physical robot dinosaurs and created content with them throughout the year. Turns out, people like interacting with giant robots. Who knew?”Brad Meyers, VP/Group Dir, Creative, DigitasLBi