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Latest YouTube Announcements Prepare it for a Cross-Device World

The recent announcement from Google, which highlights coming YouTube updates, shows the growing need to adapt to an ever increasing mobile world. According to their latest stats, YouTube now has more than half of their views occurring on mobile devices.

To adapt, Google will be rolling out a series of targeting updates and measurement tools that will allow advertisers to easily incorporate YouTube into a cross-device, consumer journey campaign.

What is New and Changing?

While much of the announcement has limited details available now, below is the latest summary of what we know:

Targeting Updates

– New targeting segments – Includes “consumer pattern” and “Life Stage”, which will help advertisers reach users based on their shopping intent as well as during key life phases.

– Inclusion of Search Data – Likely the most reported update is the inclusion of the data from both Google and Map search to make existing segments more accurate and even larger. This update will either increase or reduce audience sizes, as it will further validate if users are applicable for a given segment.

– Customer Match on YouTube – The ability to upload your own 1st party data for targeting will now be extended to YouTube. The “Similar Audiences” feature will also be available, as well as a 3rd-party uploader for encrypted data transferring.

 Management & Measurement

– Cross-Screen Frequency Management – Improved ad sequencing has always been challenging. For advertisers, especially with limited budgets and who could be focused on brand lift, this could be a welcome update.

– “BigQuery” Cloud Measurement – This update will be part of a migration over to a “login” based approach in place of cookies (think Facebook and other social channels). This will allow for more accurate cross-screen measurement, which will be critical for advertisers to show continued success on YouTube, especially on mobile.

What does this mean for Advertisers?

The new and improved targeting segments are an overall welcome update. For users who have long tried to reach consumers at key life stages and moments – yet lacked the targeting tools, these coming additions will be both welcome and likely heavily utilized.

The move towards a persistent “login” will circumnavigate the need for cookies and allow for more precise measurement across screens; a welcome update. Google stated that they will work closely with third-party vendors for the purposes of independent verification and measurement – an important highlight as they move away from using cookies. Advertisers need to consider how these updates will affect their plans as they may need to reexamine what 3rd-party vendors they plan to leverage. This will also not be an immediate update, with the use of cookies being largely downgraded in early 2018.

The latest announcements are exciting developments which address the need to make YouTube a more cross-device friendly ecosystem. Advertisers should begin prepping for these updates, the potential effect they will have on upcoming campaigns, and ensure they are working with vendors who are equally as ready.

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Robert Knapp, Associate Director, Search Marketing, DigitasLBi



Source: https://adwords.googleblog.com/2017/01/making-youtube-better-in-mobile-cross.html