eBay’s Find Your Perfect

03.2.16 | By Eric Dean —

The fashion industry conveys a singular expression of what it means to look “perfect” or be “perfect”. “Perfect” shouldn’t be about being flawless or over-styled. Everyone’s perfect is different and should represent individuality.

Meet Find Your Perfect — a series of eBay Fashion films about real women redefining the idea of “perfect” in their own words.

eBay Fashion and DigitasLBi San Francisco created “Find Your Perfect” to show perfect comes in all ages, shapes, sizes, and styles. An industry that more often than not forgets.

We partnered with Todd Selby, the renowned photographer, director, author and illustrator behind the popular blog and book series “The Selby” to find six real, remarkable women, each with a unique sense of style and self.

Cyndie Spiegel (@cyndiespiegel) / Image: Todd Selby

These real women passionately debunk the social and fashion industries definition of “perfect” and introduce their perspectives as an alternate, powerful point of view. Shoppers will be able to find curated collections of apparel and accessories based on each real woman’s version of “perfect” that can be found only on eBay.

Eric Dean is Executive Creative Director, DigitasLBi San Francisco